Blindfold Endgame Visualisation 12/50

Blindfold Endgame Visualisation

#12, E. Pogosjants, 1979

Our friend Pogo is back (see #8, #10).

I must admit I hadn’t previously given much thought to the study composers who lived and died in what back in the day would we used to call Eastern Europe. That changed when I picked up Elk and Ruby’s book on Mikhail Zinar’s king and pawn studies.

The short biography at the beginning is fascinating if a little sad. Not many of us have two births and nor will we have two deaths. Zinar had all four, it seems.

Mikhail Zinar

About Pogosjants I’m afraid I know nothing more than the three studies that have appeared so far in Martin’s book. I’ll be keeping an eye out for him in the future, though.




  1. Zinar's pawn ending book is on my list of books to buy.
    I thought the puzzle was maybe the easiest (or least difficult) so far.
    My running score: 9/12.


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