Blindfold Endgame Visualisation 13/50

Blindfold Endgame Visualisation

#13, A. Troitzky, 1895

When I was a student - we’re talking 30+ years ago now - I remember causing a friend to get a bit upset during a conversation about Stonehenge.

She took umbrage with my observation that the Hengers didn’t have anything else to do with their time. She felt it somewhat trivialised the enormous effort that went into lugging the stones all the way from Wales to Salisbury Plain. Not to mention getting them upright in a perfect circle*.

I, on the other hand, thought that the reason why we weren’t doing the same thing was because we had television.


I feel the same way about the Troitzky line. Would anybody have worked out the exact positions where the pawn had to be for NN v pawn to go from draw to win (or vice versa) if they had chess streamers to watch on youtube or twitch or wherever it is that people watch these streamers? No. No they would not.



* I disagreed with this conclusion at the time and still do.


  1. Ugh! I saw what not to play early on and found the moves for the first part but thought that was it. I should have focussed a bit more. The solution is elegant.
    My running score: 9/13.


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