Knowing Me Knowing Yusupov


Well, I should make a couple of things clear from the get go.

First of all, the idea for the title of this series comes from @wmiltti not me.

Second, if you’re (a) from one of the 50 countries other than Britain that have so far sent visitors to this blog or (b) my mum, you might not be clear that Knowing Me Knowing You is a spoof chat show starring a Alan Partridge who also doesn’t really exist.

That said, I’m off out now to study the entire Yusupov series. I may be some time.

I haven’t done any actual study yet - obviously - but I have at least  done the important preparatory work of getting a new notebook to be ready to chart my progress.

A notebook

@ The Abysmal Depths of Chess

Test Results go here

Chapter Tracker for
Build Up Your Chess: Fundamentals

And one day ...
All these boxes will be ticked


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