Beat the Masters 6

December 1988, Position B

White to play

Contributions are welcome in the comments box. Masters’ feedback will be published tomorrow.


  1. I'm going for 1. Bxg7.

    If Black recaptures 1 ... Kxg7 then White has 2. Qh6+ (important to force Black's king back and stop ... Rh8) followed by 3. e5 opening up the b1-h7 diagonal. Black will have to give back material after 3 ... f5 and White will retain an attack.

    If on the other hand Black stops White’s e5 by playing ... e5 himself (or ... Ne5) then Black will at least have ... Bxf8 gaining material (with the bonus of having achieved a weakened Black king position).

    1. Interesting. I’ll comment further after I give the masters’ feedback tomorrow Angus.

      Did you consider Nd5 at all?

    2. I briefly considered 1. Nd5 - since the knight was under attack - but thought Black could respond 1... e5 to prevent the attack against h7.

    3. You seem to be on the money again Angus.

      1 Bxg7 is another 10 points for you.


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